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Published on: 24-Aug 07:05pm

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Published on - 24-Aug 07:05pm

There are a number of common reasons and causes why the Software may not be functioning as expected. Some of these relate to environment the Software is operating within and others relate to how the Software is being used. The most common problems users experience are caused by:

Administrator Rights/Privileges (Internal)

In order for the Software to work, make sure of the following: 

  1. The Software must be installed as the Administrator, and;
  2. The same User who installed the program must be logged-in, to run the Software.

Windows and Drivers (External)
In order for the Software and your cutter and/or printer to function correctly on your computer, the Windows operating system and any installed programs, drivers and networks must be properly installed and functioning correctly (i.e. these must be stable).
Windows Update

 of Windows Updates as these can cause problems. A cold reboot may correct a problem after running a Windows update. If the problem persists you should restore your computer to an earlier point (type: "how to use restore point" in any search engine for instructions). 
Windows Fix It!
If you're experiencing problems using the Software on your computer and/or getting error messages please visit this comprehensive Diagnostic website provided by Microsoft: Fix It!

Antivirus/Malware (External)

Your Antivirus and Anti-malware programs must also be configured to permit the Software to operate unrestricted. This usually means that you must set the Software as a Safe program from within your Antivirus Software and/or quarantine it. Please consult that software's help file for instructions or search online for instructions.

We suggest you mark or set this folder and all its files and subfolders as safe or quarantined from your Antivirus software:

C:\Program Files (x86)\FutureCorp 

Resources (Internal)

When working with very large images (photos and bitmaps) or a large quantity of images the memory required to store these runs out rapidly and can grind a computer to a halt and may crash the Software.

Another resource drain is having too many documents open all at the same time, especially if they contain a lot of images.

Fonts (External)
Other factors such as fonts can cause a computer to slow down. Never install more than 1000 fonts in Windows else it will seriously drain your computer's resources and its performance will suffer.

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