Where do I get a Color Profile?

Published on: 23-Aug 03:26am

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Published on - 23-Aug 03:26am

Color profiles can be made by anyone with profiling software and spectrophotometer. There are several options available and some are quite inexpensive at under USD$100 and provide remarkably good to excellent ICC profiles.

Using a popular search engine (Google or Bing) when online, type in your make and model of printer along with " + icc " and you will most likely find a number of ICC profiles provided at no charge.

Supplied Profiles
We provide a standard set of ICC profiles contained within the .vMedia files for most (not all) of the makes and models of printers we support, which are automatically updated when you are online with any new .vMedia files or RIP Drivers.

Note: Some printers have a limited number of profiles.

These profiles will produce very good to excellent results for the media these profiles have been created for, and as mentioned above there are usually many .icc or .icm profiles available online from your printer's manufacturer and/or your media supplier along with many other 3rd parties that the RIP can load in and use.

Note: .icc and .icm is an interchangeable format - originally Apple® used .icc whereas Microsoft® uses .icm i.e. they are one and the same.

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