When all else fails? (my printer won't work!)

Published on: 29-Nov 08:18pm

Fcl Support

Published on - 29-Nov 08:18pm

If you've gone through the Troubleshooting Guide and you still can't get your printer to work, then please lodge a ticket, as follows:

To save everyone's time please provide the following information with your ticket:

  1. Your PSN (Product Serial Number)
  2. Which make and model of printer do you have
  3. The Software that the Printer is currently working with (if none, try it with a new cable/another computer and make certain the printer will perform a test print from its menu before contacting us as it may be a hardware fault)
  4. How is it connected i.e. which Cable are you using? (TCP/IP Ethernet, USB, LPT or an Adapter)
  5. Which Port have you selected in the Connection tab of the RIP Manager.

Lodge a ticket with your answers at Future Support

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