What version (level) of VinylMaster do I need?

Published on: 29-Nov 08:00pm

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Published on - 29-Nov 08:00pm

VinylMaster software comes in five (5) levels, as follows: 

  • XPT - Expert graphics design + image tools + shading + 3D + cutting + printing (full-featured)
  • DSR - Dedicated graphics design + image tools + shading + 3D + cutting (full-featured designer)
  • PRO - Professional sign cutting
  • LTR - Hobby (Vectorizing, simple designs and simple cutting)
  • CUT - Basic (few tools)

The level you need will depend on what you wish to design, produce and output with VinylMaster.

See and Compare Tools & Features
You can compare all levels with each other by clicking here.

Why buy VinylMaster XPT?
 (VinylMaster XPT)
If you wish to create advanced artwork with special effects and have access to modules such as the Mask Editor3D Shading, a RIP and Font Detective just to name a few then VinylMaster Xpt is the only choice for you. While Pro has some great tools and features it is limited to vector based artwork and is therefore unable to produce the high-end and high-quality artwork that VinylMaster XPT and DSR can.

Why buy VinylMaster DSR? 
(VinylMaster DSR)
VinylMaster DSR
 has the same advanced design tools and features including full 3D shading effects as VinylMaster XPT but does not include the RIP Manager so is more affordable that XPT. So it's ideal for anyone who wants to design and produce high-end artwork for their clients and/or send their artwork out for large format printing by a service bureau, friend or colleague. It is also ideal for producing eye-popping vinyl signage with its large range of design, layout and cutting tools which PRO is unable to produce.

Why buy VinylMaster PRO?
 (VinylMaster PRO)
If you wish to earn an income using VinylMaster by using the software in your sign making and/or vinyl cutting business then VinylMaster PRO is the lowest level you should seriously consider. CUT and LTR do not have the necessary tools for this purpose and you will not be nearly as productive as you could be - which will ultimately slow you down and decrease your earning's potential.

Why buy VinylMaster LTR?
 (VinylMaster LTR)
If you wish to do some hobby and craft and simple signs from home then VinylMaster LTR would be ideal and is a great entry level signmaking program.

Why buy VinylMaster CUT? 
(VinylMaster CUT)
If you have bought a vinyl cutter and need to make some basic signs for in and around your office, workshop or factory then VinylMaster CUT would be suitable, however, VinylMaster CUT does not include the Vectorizer*, any vector effects tools such as drop shadow or text on arc so is much more limited than VinylMaster LTR, PRO, DSR or XPT.

*Excluding some special OEM editions.

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