What is VinylMaster Pro?

Published on: 31-Jul 07:53pm

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Published on - 31-Jul 07:53pm

VinylMaster Pro is a dedicated software package offering a professional solution for all your vinyl sign making needs. Packed with tools and features to design and output everything from decals and stickers through to banners, pinstriping and truly eye popping vinyl signs. 

VinylMaster Pro is dedicated software for:

  • Designing Super High Quality Vector Artwork
  • Providing you with a Powerful Suite of Sign making Tools
  • Easily laying out your Artwork/Designs/Creations/Logos Professionally
  • Publishing your Artwork to a Super-High Resolution PDF
  • Cutting your Artwork from a Vinyl Cutter inc. Laser/ARMS Cutters, Engraver or Router

VinylMaster Pro
 includes the following tools and features plus much more:

  • 3D Modeling and Vector effects
  • Vectorizer for super accurate Tracing of images
  • Image editing tools and special image effects
  • Contour Cutting Wizard plus Print & Cut from two or more devices
  • AI, EPS, PDF & SVG import/export (inc. text, images, gradients etc.)
  • Cutfile Documents and Vinyl Spooler for powerful and rapid cutting
  • Professional Text, Curve & Image tools and features
  • Cutter/Printer support with over 5,000 direct drivers included
  • 10,500 Fonts 40,000 Logos 9,609 Clipart plus much more!
  • Over 1,500 powerful tools and features at your disposal
  • 430+ Page Manual, Online FAQ, Knowledgebase plus more
  • 200+ Lessons and Tutorials included at no charge

Visit the dedicated website for: VinylMaster Pro

Click here to download a: Free Trial

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