What is a Crossgrade?

Published on: 19-Sep 04:57pm

Fcl Support

Published on - 19-Sep 04:57pm

A Full License at a discount i.e. the software is identical - the only difference is the price you pay.

How do I Qualify?
All we ask is that you nominate (tell us) what your existing software is or what you have used in the past.

Do I need to Prove what I have?
No confirmation or verification is required by us, and we will never ask you for proof of your existing software.

When must I tell You?
You can tell us before or after you buy, either way is fine.

What Programs Qualify?
Any existing graphics or sign making program like Artcut, Co-Cut, Flexisign, Lxi, Signlab, WinPC etc. etc. or a graphics program like Illustrator or CorelDraw - it may even be a free program like Inkscape or Gimp - these are all fine.

Do I have to send in my old software?
No, since you've already invested a lot of time and money in your current software we understand that surrendering it might be asking a little too much! So it's with this in mind that we don't require that you send back your old software.

Why do you do this?
It assists with our research and what's happening in the industry. Surveys are good but people don't have much time for them. So this is one way of helping us to learn more and passing on a great saving to you.

Are there any License Restrictions?
No, none whatsoever. A Crossgrade is just a discount provided - the software is identical to a Full License.


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