What are the System Requirements?

Published on: 27-Apr 09:56pm

To operate the Software successfully the following computer configuration is required:

Minimum Computer Configuration

• IBM Compatible 1Ghz CPU (32/64Bit)
• 4Gb of available Hard Disk Drive space (includes Extras, add 2.5Gb for the Lessons)
• 1Gb RAM
• DVD Reader
• SVGA color monitor set to a min 1024x768 pixels
• 128Mb SVGA Video/Graphics card
• 2 Button Mouse
• Microsoft Windows Xp (Service Pack 3)

Recommended Computer Configuration
• Intel Quad-Core+ (32/64Bit)
• 10Gb+ of available Hard Disk Drive space
• 8Gb+ RAM
• DVD Read/Write Drive
• 24”+ Color monitor (1900 Pixels+ Wide)
• 2Gb+ Video/Graphics card
• 2 Button Scrolling Wheel Mouse
• Sound & Speakers
• Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 10 Pro (64bit)

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