Quick Guide to Printer Setup

Published on: 24-Aug 07:15pm

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Published on - 24-Aug 07:15pm

VinylMaster Printer Driver
To add a new Device open the Setup Wizard from the RIP Manager, click on the Printer menu > Install Printer Driver or from Launch in the Software.

Please click here if you do not have a RIP Driver

Install Printer Driver
The Setup Wizard which comes up is a step-by-step utility provided to make installing your printer(s) as simple as possible. Normally, printers and printer-cutters are installed without any issues and are ready to use within a few minutes. However, to assist yourself in this procedure and to minimize the time spent to setup your equipment:

  1. Make sure you know the make and model of your printer.
  2. What Port it is connected to on your Computer.
  3. Have the printer ready to print, as explained here:


Ready Mode (Initialized)
Check that the printer is ready to print:

  1. Load some media (vinyl or paper) in the printer making sure that any sensors in the device are covered;
  2. Make certain that the pinch rollers are in the correct position (there are usually yellow or white indicator marks) and most printers need the pinch rollers to line up with the knurled rollers under the printing/cutting deck;
  3. Initialize the printer i.e. most cutters need the Enter, Origin, On etc. button pressed so that the machine can set itself up and/or be placed in Ready Mode;

Test Print

Once you have placed your Device in Ready-Mode follow the Setup Wizard through... If you do experience any problems see Troubleshooting

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