My cutter's Contour Cutting is not very Accurate?

Published on: 23-Aug 05:28am

Fcl Support

Published on - 23-Aug 05:28am

This will usually occur because the Laser Offset has not been calibated or needs to be recalibrated. The calibration works out how far the laser sensor is away from the cutting blade (so it can automatically correct this in the software).

Important! If the media is too rotated or is lifting away from the cutting deck (lift) this will greatly decrease an automatic laser mark cutter's ability to cut accurately.

How to Calibrate the Cutter
The Software allows you to calibrate this offset using a single test print. It will print rulers that it will then draw a line across, all then enter the value into the Software you read from the test print.

To do this open the Vinyl Spooler. You can open the Vinyl Spooler from the File (menu) > Cut/Plot > Vinyl Spooler.

Next, click the Calibration tab and you will see the ARMS Calibration. This will bring up a screen allowing you to print the calibration sheet, and then to perform the calibration. Also, in this window, you are able to edit the calibration values to manually adjust it.

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