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Published on: 23-Aug 03:16am

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Published on - 23-Aug 03:16am

There are usually two (2) reasons why a license may become suspended i.e. 1. for non-payment and 2. when upgrading, both are covered here:

Monthly Payments (Pay-Off, Membership, Subscription)
If the Software is being paid for on a month-by-month basis with a Credit or Debit Card and the card is declined by the card issuer or bank for whatever reason, the Software will be automatically suspended until the account is paid up.

To update a Credit or Debit Card please use this form: Update Credit or Debit Card

Note: Please make sure to include your Product Serial Number (PSN) and enter: "New Card" in Other ID on the form.

If you are having problems with your card please contact: Admin

When the Software is upgraded from one version to the next, for example V1.0 is upgraded to V2.0 the Product Serial Number (PSN) for V1.0 is automatically cancelled and can no longer be used to Activate the Software.

In this circumstance you will need to install the upgraded version of the Software using the new PSN and discard the old PSN as it is no longer vaild and cannot be used.

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