Is my Cutter Supported?

Published on: 22-Aug 07:25pm

Fcl Support

Published on - 22-Aug 07:25pm

Most Vinyl Cutters are supported and you can check this by clicking Add from the Connection tab of the Vinyl Spooler.

Not in the Add Cutter List?
If you do not see your Make/Model of Vinyl Cutter listed when searching you may find it is listed under the original brand name (manufacturer) it was first released under, or it maybe a rebadged Vinyl Cutter (see below for more information).

Note: Some versions of the Software such as OEM will only support the makes of models of Vinyl Cutters it was supplied with.

Rebadged (White Label/OEM) Vinyl Cutters
Many Vinyl Cutters sold online are not manufactured by the onine Seller, they are just rebadged under Seller or some other and often unknown/unheard of brand name.

Note: There are now hundreds of rebadged Asian and Chinese made cutters but only around 30 independent manufacturers.

Model maybe the Make, and Vice Versa
There are also many models of Cutters that have become known as the Make (Brand), when in fact the brand or manufacturer has a different name. You may find the model listed as the make to assist you in locating the correct make.

Locate the Manufacture
Often the actual manufacturer's name is listed on the back or the side of the Cutter and this will help you identify the true make of the cutter you have, and from here you can usually work out the correct model.

Search Online
Another easy way to locate the true manufacturer of your Vinyl Cutter is to look up the brand name printed on your Vinyl Cutter on a search engine and click on Images and you may see many Cutters which look like yours but will have the name of the true manufacturer.

Drivers across a Make
Most models of a particular brand will work with the same driver. You will, however, need to set the Media Width in the Cut Options (tab) of the Vinyl Spooler.

Can't Find Your Make of Vinyl Cutter
If you cannot find out who actually manufactured your Vinyl Cutter, take a photo of it and send it to [email protected] and we will attempt to work it out for you.

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