I can't find the Clipart, Fonts or Logos? (Extras)

Published on: 23-Aug 02:49am

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Published on - 23-Aug 02:49am

If the Software comes with Extras these will be provided by download or on disc (or both) and must be installed after the main program (.exe) has been successfully installed.



The fonts are copied onto your HDD but are not automatically installed into Windows because having more than 1000 fonts installed can severely slow down your computer and cause many problems. If you wish to install any of the copied fonts, please click here: How to Install Fonts


Extras other than Fonts

After you install the Extras successfully onto your computer, all the Extras other than fonts should become available in the main program from the Tools (menu) > Extras and toolbars within the Software. 


Installing Extras

To avoid problems install the Extras to C:\ Drive and not onto an External HDD as this can lead to potential problems.

Also, after installing the Extras restart the computer to ensure the Extras can be found by the Software.

Restriction on Use
Not all jurisdictions permit the use of the Extras due to local copyright and trademark laws. As such and in these jurisdictions the Extras will not be available for use with the Software.


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