How to find the IP address and add a TCP/IP Port

Published on: 24-Aug 07:12pm

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Published on - 24-Aug 07:12pm

The IP Address of your Printer allows Windows and the Software to (a) Find the device and (b) Communicate with the device.

Note: Some utilities such as RasterLink and VersaWorks may report an IP Address that might not work with the Software as they may use a virtualized Port.

There are two (2) steps required 1. Find the IP Address and 2. Add a TCP/IP Port for the Software to send print data to over your Network (Ethernet), outlined as follows:

Step 1.
If you can't find or don't know your printer's IP Address you should be able to locate it using the IP Finder in the Setup Wizard.

To do this click on the Help (menu) in the Software > Setup Wizard > Support > System (advanced support options > IP Finder.

With the IP Finder open follow through the instructions to discover the Printer's IP Address.

Step 2.
Once you know your printer's IP Address you will need to Add a TCP/IP Port pointing to this IP Address. This is so the printer can be located on your network by the Software. Since there are a number of steps involved, please see the dedicated help lesson about how to do this in the Software's manual, as follows:

To access the manual click on the Help (menu) in the Software > Help Topics

In the Help Topics

  1. Click on > RIP, Print & Cut (Large Format Printing) >
  2. Large Format Print and Printer-Cutter Setup >
  3. Add a TCP/IP Port for your Printer

Once installed set the IP Address in the RIP Manager > Printer Settings (tab) for your printer and the Software should now be able to send print data to your printer.

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