How do I transfer my fonts to my new computer?

Published on: 23-Aug 02:54am

Fcl Support

Published on - 23-Aug 02:54am

To copy your old fonts to a new computer.

  1. Open Control Panel in the old computer and go to the Fonts folder (you may have to view small icons to see the font's folder).
  2. Next, make a new folder in and then copy all the fonts over to an External HDD or large USB flash drive (stick).
  3. Open Control Panel in the new computer and go to the Fonts folder and drag and drop all the old fonts and they will install into Windows.

Now when you reopen the Software and click on the font dropdown you will have access to all your old fonts.

Never install more than 1000 fonts in Windows else it will seriously drain your computer's resources and its performance will suffer.

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