How do I switch Auto-Laser-Marks on? (ARMS)

Published on: 23-Aug 05:29am

Fcl Support

Published on - 23-Aug 05:29am

For a vinyl cutter with automated laser mark sensors you must switch Auto Marks to "On" so that the correct marks are used by the Contour Cutting Wizard when that make and model of cutter is selected as the output device. This is done in the Vinyl Spooler.

You can open the Vinyl Spooler from the File (menu) > Cut/Plot > Vinyl Spooler.

In the Connection tab of the Vinyl Spooler make sure the cutter you wish to work with is selected and set to the Correct Port and Port number, next and still in the Vinyl Spooler click on the:

  1. Cutter (menu) > Configure Cutter (or press F2).
  2. In the Device Settings window that comes up, click on Commands
  3. Change "Has Auto Marks" to: On
  4. Close out of the Vinyl Spooler and VinylMaster

Now when you open VinylMaster and the Contour Cutting Wizard and select the cutter with the laser mark sensors you will see the correct marks for that make and model of cutter that you can print out with your artwork, then cut the contour cut lines.

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