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Published on: 23-Aug 05:17am

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Published on - 23-Aug 05:17am

Flow Control (affects USB and Serial COM cutters using Direct COM)

Flow Control (handshake) is a communications setting between the cutter and Windows and is easy to change in the Vinyl Spooler.

The Flow Control settings can be found under the Connection tab of the Vinyl Spooler. First make sure the cutter is switched on, has vinyl loaded and ready to cut a test file.

You can open the Vinyl Spooler from the File (menu) > Cut/Plot > Vinyl Spooler.

In the Vinyl Spooler, click on the Connection tab. To see Flow Control you must have the Port Type in Connection Method set to Direct COM. In the bottom section under Settings you will see Flow Control.

You can select each option and attempt a test cut file from the Repeat folder on the left side in the Vinyl Spooler until you find the correct setting for your cutter.

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