Error: Nothing to Cut?

Published on: 23-Aug 05:21am

Fcl Support

Published on - 23-Aug 05:21am

If you receive this message it will be because you are attempting to cut out an image (photo or bitmap).

Images cannot be cut out because they are made up of very small colored squares (pixels) that form a picture when viewed from a distance. These pixels cannot be cut out because there are no vector paths for the blade to follow.

As such, images must be Vectorized (traced) so the resultant vectors can be cut out with a vinyl cutter.

To do this is easy by selecting the image within the software and clicking the Vectorize button from the second row of tools or from the Images (menu) and using this specialist module to convert an image into cuttable vectors.

Note: The Vectorizer is not available in most basic versions of the Software.

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