Cutting - not Reading MARKS or ARMS issues

Published on: 03-Oct 03:51pm

Fcl Support

Published on - 03-Oct 03:51pm

There are several factors that will cause issues when reading marks and/or ARMS jobs:

  • Print scale - the artwork must be printed at the same size as the design/artwork.
  • Inkset - marks must be printed in solid black ink.
  • Lighting conditions, the room/area must not be too dark.
  • Media lift, media must be flat and even on the cutting deck for the laser to read the marks.
  • The laser itself must be the correct distance away from the cutting deck (ask your cutter's dealer for this information).

If the cutter's head does not move at all when sending a Marks or an ARMS job to it make sure the cutter is online and you have selected the correct driver. Try a basic cut job to make certain it is being detected by Windows and the Software.

If not reinstall the driver and then run the Detection Wizards in the Connection tab in the Vinyl Spooler to make sure you have the settings correctly set.

You can also run a calibration test from the Calibration tab in the Vinyl Spooler.

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