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Published on: 03-Oct 03:55pm

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Published on - 03-Oct 03:55pm

Cutter works but ARMS not working

Assuming your cutter works as a normal vinyl cutter, but the ARMS component is not working, this may be for one of the following reasons:

The cutter’s firmware may be an older version and not work with the current driver you are using.


  1. Delete/remove the existing driver you are using in the Calibration tab of the Vinyl Spooler.
  2. Reinstall the software using the original disc the cutter was supplied with.
  3. Install the original driver and try it again.

If this works, you can upgrade the program from its website (downloads).

Important: Do not update the driver when doing this, only update the software.

If this fails, then the hardware needs to be looked at.

Firstly, confirm that it is in fact an ARMS cutter. If unsure, please take 2 or 3 photos of the laser sensor which will be attached to the cutting head (from underneath) and reply to us (attach the photos) and we should be able to confirm that it is in fact an ARMS cutter.

If it is an ARMS cutter and it still fails to move and read the marks, then it may be a faulty laser sensor or loose wire inside the machine. In this case you may need to have the machine repaired by the dealer your purchased it from.

If it does move but fails to read the marks the media maybe lifting-up too much and interfering with the scanning process, or the lighting maybe too dull, or the media too dark for the laser sensor.

In these cases, use white media in a bright environment and make certain the media is flat on the cutting deck.

Note: If the cutter does not work at all. Please run Auto Detect and/or Detect from the Calibration tab of the Vinyl Spooler.

If this fails, please reply with your PSN and a brief outline of what you have done and what has occurred.

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