Can I operate a Large Format Printer and/or Printer-Cutter?

Published on: 31-Jul 09:01pm

Fcl Support

Published on - 31-Jul 09:01pm

If you have VinylMaster Xpt - Yes you can (for VinylMaster Pro, Ltr and Cut see the note below).

VinylMaster Xpt comes with a built-in RIP, which allows you to RIP, Print and also Cut out your artwork from a large format printer and/or printer-cutter.* You can even do this automatically over a network meaning you can operate a RIP Server from remote design stations.

* The VMX RIP supports many printer makes and models but not all, please see Supported Printers.

Please Note: If you have VinylMaster Pro, Ltr or Cut you cannot print directly to a large format printer, in this situation you can use the Windows printer driver (if your device came with a Windows driver), or you can export your artwork and print it out using the RIP software that came with your printer.

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