Can I open my existing program's files in VinylMaster?

Published on: 31-Jul 08:40pm

Fcl Support

Published on - 31-Jul 08:40pm

Yes, if your other software can save or export .ai, .pdf and/or .eps files (and nearly all can), you can load these files directly into VinylMaster including all the images and bitmaps contained within the original file and fonts remain as fonts (not just curves). Also, VinylMaster now imports and exports .ai, .pdf and/or .eps files with all versions of Adobe CS Applications inc. Illustrator, In-Design and PhotoShop along with CorelDRAW.
Note: While some software vendors now claim their programs can directly load in other formats, they often fail, convert fonts into curves and/or flatten the graphic which is far less superior to fully and correctly importing .ai, .pdf and/or .eps. You are therefore recommended to fully test these claims to ensure that these suit your purposes.

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