Troubleshooting (Cutter Setup)

Published on: 24-Aug 07:23pm

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Published on - 24-Aug 07:23pm

Normally, a vinyl cutter will install without any issues. However, if you've been unsuccessful in getting the cutter to work please follow through these steps.

Important! Please be aware that everything must be correctly set for your Vinyl Cutter (Plotter) to work - if you skip over or fail to complete any part of any step it is very likely you will not get your Vinyl Cutter (Plotter) to work.

Hardware (It is so often Steps-1 and 2 that are overlooked and why a device refuses to work).

Check that your Vinyl Cutter (Plotter) is actually connected:

  1. Power cable is firmly connected and the power is on.
  2. Communications cable is the correct cable and is firmly connected into the correct Port (Interface Plug) on the Computer and the Vinyl Cutter.
  3. The cable and its connectors are not physically damaged i.e. no bent pins or frayed wires, also try to use the shortest cable you have.


Check that the Vinyl Cutter (Plotter) is ready to cut:

  1. Load some media (vinyl or paper) in the Vinyl Cutter making sure that any sensors in the device are covered;
  2. Make certain that the pinch rollers are in the correct position (there are usually yellow or white indicator marks) and most Vinyl Cutters need the pinch rollers to line up with the knurled rollers under the cutting deck;
  3. Initialize the Vinyl Cutter i.e. most cutters need to be set to Online so that the machine can set itself up and/or be placed in Ready Mode;
  4. Perform a Test Cut from the Vinyl Cutter's menu. If this fails, then your Vinyl Cutter may need to be repaired or looked at by a technician before continuing;
  5. After a successful Test Cut, repeat 3. (above) and go to the Step-3 (below).

Step-3 (Software)
After Steps 1 and 2 have been successfully completed read the FAQ that relates to your make and model of vinyl cutter by clicking here. Once you know what connection method to use, then:

  1. Click on the Connection tab in the Vinyl Spooler;
  2. Click Detect and carefully follow each step in the Wizard, which will help you communicate with your cutter.

If the Detect Connection Wizard fails to find the cutter it is very likely that you have an antivirus program interfering with the Software and its correct operation, there is a Port/USB error in Windows, or the cutter has malfunctioned and will need to be repaired.


  1. Switch off any antivirus software and try again.
  2. Open Device Manager (from Control Panel in Windows) and check to see that there are no errors being reported in the USB section. Note: If there are you will need to clear these errors, please contact Microsoft for support.
  3. Return the cutter to the place of purchase to be independently tested. Note: This may incur charges, please check with your dealer first.

 To check that the ports are working on your computer try a test print via the same port on any other device and program.

Still not Working?
If all else fails please click here 

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