Cutting at the Wrong Size?

Published on: 23-Aug 02:46am

Fcl Support

Published on - 23-Aug 02:46am

This is a scale mismatch. In other words the units per inch or units per mm set in the cutter are different to the units set in the Software.

Small Scale Errors (10% or less)
For small scaling errors, use the Cutter Scale (utility) in the Vinyl Spooler under the Calibration tab that will assist you to set the correct scale.

Large Scale Errors (10% or more)
For large scaling errors, these can be corrected in the Vinyl Spooler. You can open the Vinyl Spooler from the File (menu) > Cut/Plot > Vinyl Spooler.

  • When you have the Vinyl Spooler only (press F2) or click the Cutter (menu) > Configure Cutter.
  • In the window that comes up, select Units (on the left side), and then adjust the Device Units per mm.
  • The industry default is 40.0 units per mm.
  • If you have a cutter that works in 1000 units per inch then set the Device's units per mm to 39.37 and try a test cut.

Trial by Error
You can experiment with a 1 inch or 25mm square and adjust the units accordingly. For example if the cutter cuts a 1 inch or 25mm square at 0.5 inch or 12.5mm then (half size) then set the Units to 80 units per mm. If it cuts double the size at 2 inches or 50mm, then set the units to 20 units per mm and so on.

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